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Attention Home Health Providers:


This is an update to the Home Health Services Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Florida Medicaid Health Care Alert, Dated August 28, 2018. The details of this update are located via the link below.

Home Health Services (EVV) Update

Attention Behavior Analysis Service Providers:

When submitting prior authorization requests for BA services, providers must submit ALL materials to eQHealth as specified in Appendix 9.0 of the Behavior Analysis Services Coverage Policy. If eQHealth determines that the submission is incomplete or contains insufficient documentation to make a decision, it will inform the provider. The provider then has two business days to submit the remaining materials and/or documentation before the request is denied for lack of documentation. The provider can resubmit a complete authorization request at any time.

When requesting prior authorization for BA services, providers must submit one of the following types of comprehensive evaluations:

  • Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  • Evaluation by the recipient’s school district that has determined eligibility for special education
  • Diagnostic evaluation conducted by one of the following:
    • Developmental pediatrician licensed in accordance with Chapter 458, F.S. and certified by the American Board of Pediatrics
    • Clinical psychologist licensed in accordance with Chapter 490, F.S.
    • Child and adolescent psychiatrist licensed in accordance with Chapter 458, F.S. and certified or eligible for certification by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

A complete request must include the recipient’s diagnostic evaluation report that contains clinical findings, recommendations, and a diagnosis. All submitted documentation must meet the requirements in accordance with Appendix 9.0 of the Behavior Analysis Services Coverage Policy (Rule 59G-4.125, F.A.C.).

FL Medicaid Behavior Analysis Services Information

Attention Behavior Analysis Service Providers:

In accordance with the Florida Medicaid Authorization Requirements Policy, eQHealth Solutions may request additional information as necessary to determine medical necessity.

 When inadequate information is received that does not support the medical necessity of services, eQHealth notifies providers by requesting additional clinical information via eQSuites. Providers have (2) two business days to respond to the information request. If the information is not received within (2) two business days, the review will be denied for insufficient information.

If you submitted a request for prior authorization of behavior analysis services in the months of May or June and received a request from eQHealth for additional information and have not responded, please respond by July 20, 2018 with the requested information. If you do not respond by that date, eQHealth will begin to process denials for insufficient information.

Moving forward, requests for additional information that are not responded to by the provider within two business days, will be denied.

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